Stephen Chavez - Biography

Anyone Collective - CO-FOUNDER / CEO / Chief Creative Director
Beaker - CO-FOUNDER / CEO / Managing Partner
Studio 8 Media Group - CO-FOUNDER  / Chief Creative Director
MH+L - CO-FOUNDER / CEO / Chief Creative Director

A prodigious creative talent and award-winning Creative Director, Executive Producer, and Entrepreneur, Stephen Chavez has been creating high quality content and visuals for global brands for over 15 years. First showing up to the design world in his teens, and creating a name for himself around LA. Stephen has become a recognized name in the design world. His entrepreneurial spirit has helped him in creating his own businesses around Los Angeles.

Stephen started in the world of graphic design and pre-press in the late 90's learning the traditional skills of design and print production. From developing film by hand and creating press ready plates from scratch the skills that Stephen learned early in his career has set the foundation of his understanding for graphics and design in the years to come. Along with the growth of the web Stephen grew into the digital age by teaching himself how to write HTML and design for the digital space. This well rounded skill set allows him not only to understand where design has come from, but push where design is going for his clients and collaborators.

He specializes in creative direction, digital design and application development, ecosystems, art direction, graphic design, typography, publishing, photography, web, and interactive design. In the past decade, he’s elevated the clients and partners with whom he’s collaborated through digital activations, print campaigns, photo and video shoots, convention hall events, and even restaurant design. His clientele list has featured the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Pioneer, Hyundai, MTV/Viacom. NBC/Universal, Honda/Acura North America, SEMA, West Coast Customs, Gordon Biersch Brewing Co., Mattel, Hasbro, Ed Hardy, SEGA North America, The Discovery Channel, Warner Bros. Records, Reprise Records and Red Bull. Stephen has proven that his award-winning creative and design know no bounds.

In 2008, he and two partners Herman Flores and Kevin Ou noted a rare void in the magazine publishing biz, and set off to create a new brand focusing an eye on the style & home décor of celebrities living it right. MH+L (Modern Home + Living) hit the stands nationally in 2009, with analog and digital assets carrying it to the masses. The cohesive brand and overall look of MH+L is typical of Stephen's aesthetic. The platforms in which he and his partners created are a sure sign of bigger things to come. With standing room only, celebrity strewn red carpet events and MH+L’s downtown LA penthouses Stephen and his team bring the high-styled world 3-D, as they showcase the life they feature in the pages of their global brand.

Stephen has also partnered with a long time friend and collaborator Michael Fiore to form Anyone™ Collective, a long-envisioned creative collective anti-agency that gathers the best of the industry’s independent creatives who cannot / will not be tethered or tamed. Fresh design and production is the result, igniting flame and focus to creatives and clients alike. As Stephen first learned, and now preaches - the creative mind soars when given the right environments in which to fly. Anyone Collective is an anti-agency that was formed on the idea that anyone can create anything. Pulling together a super team of talented artists and collaborators, Stephen has lead the team into new horizons in the creative space all while generating countless opportunities and creative execution campaigns that rival any agency on the planet. 

These endeavors have opened the door for more growth and collaboration which is what makes Stephen tick. As Anyone Collective grows, so does their portfolio of collaborations, investments and companies. He and his business partners now expand their horizons and reach by providing the platforms and creative execution needed to launch brands into the stratosphere.  Forming companies like Studio 8™ and Beaker™ They use their gained knowledge and reach to create opportunity and awareness while learning from others as they collaborate. All the while striving to inspire others to do the same. This approach is one that creates new opportunity for creative possibilities. Pushing not only Stephen, but people that he works with. As their operating mantra suggests "Do what you love, work with great people, and  follow the creative." Stephen follows these guidelines daily and this approach keeps him focused and passionate about his craft.

Stephen lives in South Pasadena near Los Angeles, CA and spends his free time with his family enjoying good music, good food and friends.